For over 50 years, 24/7, trained volunteers have been there, listening and caring. When you consider that Samaritans gets almost no Government funding or assistance, you can appreciate the importance of any help you can give. There are three ways you could help:

  1. With a donation
    Samaritans are all volunteers, but we need funds to support our services and pay for everything from the power bill to the phone lines that people call us on, 24/7.
    You can make a donation online with your credit or debit card, using Paypal's secure payment system.
    You can donate using give-a-little
    You can donate by cheque. Please print off this remittance page, fill in your details and mail to Samaritans, PO Box 12100, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.
    You can donate using payroll giving.
  2. With a bequest
    Some people may have a little 'spare' money they can leave to a good cause. Making a provision in your will can help ensure that Samaritans can continue to be only a phone call away. If you would like to consider Samaritans for a bequest, contact our office on 04 472 3676 for a brochure.
  3. With your time
    Become a Samaritans volunteer or help collect for our Annual Street Appeal which is held in August each year.  For further information, please contact or call 04 472 3676.